Femme Soul Retreat


Host: #####
Where: Boogoolum

Welcome to a holistic retreat of deep relaxation, restoration, and activation of mind, body, and soul.

Surrounded by the medicine of Mother Nature and a community of like-hearted women, 'Femme Soul' is a women’s empowerment program that supports each woman on her journey toward liberation—releasing limitations, healing deep within, and cultivating wellness.

Femme Soul is so much more than a luxury retreat. It is an art of living. The learnings and gifts extend far beyond the retreat, opening up infinite results and lifestyle shifts. Breathe into newfound, profound calmness, creativity, and empowerment to live your truest, most beautifully expressed life.

  • Accommodation (Twin Share)
  • Restorative Recreation
  • Spa Bathing
  • Meals
  • Private Complimentary One-on-One Coaching and Reiki Session - post Retreat.
  • Plus, Welcome Pack valued at $595

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Additional Dates Retreat
2-4 June 2023 Femme Soul

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